This is transformational time

In the life of St. George's School

Inspired by our compelling vision of boy-centred learning, we are reinventing our teaching spaces and creating a new heart for the Senior School. As we approach our tenth decade as a leader in the education of boys, two things become abundantly clear. The first is that thousands of fine young men have been shaped by the philanthropy of previous generations of families. The second is that our current facilities no longer adequately ensure the same for future graduates.

St. George’s proudly proclaims our mission: ‘Building Fine Young Men. One Boy At A Time.’

This unique framework for the education of boys necessitates the best possible facilities to support each learner as he aspires to his full unique potential in a complex and rapidly changing world. The current Senior School facilities are restrictive, traditional, and do not support our vision of being ‘Canada’s World School for Boys’. The new spaces will support innovative, varied, hands-on, and flexible boy-centred learning.

Close to a century of experience has allowed st. george’s to refine the art of teaching boys.

St. George’s vision of boy-centred learning is based on research, experience, and expertise. Engaging, varied, and individualized learning requires specialized spaces to support each boy and all of our teachers as they leverage a wide range of instructional strategies. The ONE+ Campaign allows us to continue to advance boy-centred education. New elements include a learning commons, a student centre with personal and university counselling, and a great hall to gather the entire community for meals and celebrations. This is all anchored by the central courtyard which will serve as the heart of the School.