Construction Connect: Episode 3


Hopefully everyone had a restful Summer break! In as little as a year, we’ll be moving into these new facilities that reflect the academic excellence at St. George’s. During those three months, we were away from campus, and during the month of September, significant progress has been made with the construction.

Comparing the photos of the academic buildings taken at the beginning and end of Summer, all progress that has happened becomes apparent. One stark difference is that the concrete work is done and dried as the structures of both buildings have reached the planned height. As a result, all the posts in June supporting the drying concrete have been mostly removed in a step called reshoring.

June 19, 2022

September 30, 2022

From afar, the physical appearance of the construction seems to have changed as well. This is with the addition of frames and glass windows, especially on the west building. This process is known as glazing, and it is a major change from our current building as classrooms would access significant amounts of natural lighting to create a healthy learning environment for students.

However, much work has also been done that has been hidden under layers of concrete and gravel. For example, during the summer, the entire front side of the building was dug out in order to install new sanitary and storm connections to the site. On the academic buildings themselves, specifically the west building, mechanical and electrical work has been progressing. 

Taking a look inside the academic buildings, the overall structure and layout of the spaces are apparent. Steel stud work is essentially complete and drywall boarding is well underway on the walls inside the buildings. In contrast to our current buildings, the design of classroom spaces will foster a more collaborative and open ambiance. Teachers can easily form breakout rooms and teach in conjunction with other classes.